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Temporary fence panels

temporary fence panels

Temporary fence panels are the best and cheaper solution for security on construction site, archaeological site, roadworks and to keep away people from black spots.

The main parts of our temporary security fence system are:

- panels
- foots (PVC coated foot – thermo-plastic foot – concrete foot)
- couples (2 types of hooks – clamps)

Temporary fence panels are made with galvanized welded mesh and a frame manufactured with galvanized tubes. On the top of each panel there is a hook, that allow the connection between panels. To improve the stability of the panels it is necessary to couple them with a clamp.

The welded mesh is welded inside the frame; there are no spikes on our temporary fence panels, so they are more safe.

We are able to supply temporary fence panels with integrated custom plate (logo and details of the customer), on request.


type of panels size*
ve. tube
ho. tube
ve. wire
ho. wire
POP Light A 3500X2000 40x0,9 30x0,9 100x290 3,0 3,4 12,77 35  
POP Light B 3500X2000 40X0,9 30x0,9 100x290 3,8 3,8 15,17 35 **
POP Medium A 3500X2000 40X0,9 40x0,9 100x290 3,0 3,4 14,25 30  
POP Medium B 3500X2000 40X0,9 40x0,9 100x290 3,8 3,8 16,65 30 **
POP Heavy 3500X2000 42X1,0 42x1,0 90x250 3,8 3,8 19,03 28  

** = min. 140 pieces, only on request
* = nominal dimensions of the panels

There are only few companies in Europe that are both welded mesh and temporary fence manufacturer. For this reason, we can offer to our customers many different kind of panels (custom panels too), cheap prices and good quality.

You can buy from us our standard range of production or you can ask temporary fence panels as per your specifications; we can produce them on request (min. 300 pieces).

temporary fence small panels
temporary security fence